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UEMS – Upper GI Certificate


The division of esophageal, cardia and stomach surgery was established as a working group under the Section of UEMS Surgery in 2013. After a few years the division was inaugurated in 2015 and the first examination took place in Stockholm during the ESDE congress. Now two more examinations have taken place and 11 new FEBS ECS Surg have passed the examination and 23 members have been awarded honorary membership.

The Thoracic Section and the Section of Surgery both decided two years ago that they wanted a common division and so far the following steps have taken place – formation of a division of esophageal surgery in the Thoracic Section, a Delphi process concerning the curriculum and in April this year in Bruxelles the board of the two divisions met to devise a common project  (a syllabus to be found on the homepage) containing the requirements for the thoracic surgeons, the upper GI surgeons and their common transferable skills. It was also decided that the examination should contain subjects from both divisions and examiners  from both divisions will be asked to participate in the formations of the MCQ´s and in the OSCE stations. In the same context the division changed name to OG Surgery division in both sections.

The examination will take place on the 14-15 th September in Vienna in connection with the ISDE congress.

All information concerning the examination is to be found on the homepage ( I strongly recommend our members to encourage other fellows to participate in this unique chance of getting an EBS Certification.

Link to the invitation for the UEMS Examinations in 2019 – OG surgery

Links to Syllabus, Knowledge and Skills sections 

  1. OG surgery exam Syllabus 
  2. OG surgery Knowledge and Skills

ESDE 2025
11-13 May 2025
The Netherlands