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Dear Colleague

It is a very difficult and challenging times we currently face. Currently, it remains unclear on the management of oesophageal cancer during this COVID19 pandemic. As such, the Oesophagogastric Anastomosis Network aims to conduct a survey.

To gather views from surgeons treating oesophageal and gastric cancer on the management strategies for the treatment of non-metastatic oesophagogastric cancers in view of the challenges faced with the current COVID 19 pandemic.

Survey practising surgeons managing patients oesophageal and gastric cancers. An Online survey will be distributed via social media to international bodies with relevant members who treat oesophageal and gastric cancers such as OGAA, Pansurg, COVIDsurg, AUGIS, GASTROS, ESDE, ISDE and IGCA and others.

In a few weeks we will ask you to complete a follow-up survey so we can compare the results as the situation develops. We would be grateful if you could provide an email contact. Please note your responses will be strictly anonymous and not used for any reason

Many thanks for taking the time to complete this survey at such a challenging time

The Survey

Time to complete:  10 minutes
Open for: All oesophageal and gastric surgeons managing oesophageal and gastric cancers

Each question aims to understand routine and current management of patients with oesophagogastric cancers

Case Vignettes have been included to help understand decision making by surgeons of patients




The  OGAA Collaborative

Many thanks to everyone who collaborated on the OGAA study which has been a great success thanks to  everyone who contributed

We have collected data on >2200 patients across 141 centres from 40 countries

We will be finalising our manuscripts and hope to send them around very soon

Many thanks

ESDE Congress
8-10 February 2023
Leuven, Belgium