About the Minimally Invasive Upper GI fellowship program

The ESDE Minimally Invasive Upper GI Fellowship


    • This fellowship will enable training and the opportunity to work with Europe’s frontline leaders in Minimally Invasive Upper GI surgery and research.
    • By combining the clinical strengths of 2 renowned Upper GI surgery centres, we expect the candidate to learn to work as an Upper GI surgeon in a professional and safe way after completion of the same.
    • By offering a one-on-one teaching plan, the aim is to deliver a safe and competent Upper GI-surgeon after one and half year.
    • By offering a broad clinical experience and a focussed research project, the fellow will benefit from the broad experience and will be able to continue MIO surgery and research throughout his/her career.


Aims and Objectives

  • Overall Objective:

To train the fellow in minimally invasive Upper gastro-intestinal (GI) surgery and provide opportunities and educate for research in the field.

  • Main Clinical Goal:

To offer a broad range of minimally invasive Upper GI surgical procedures.

At the end of the fellowship the candidate should be able to participate in or start his/her own general Upper GI surgery program.

  • Main research Goal:

The research possibilities consist of evaluating the clinical applications MIO surgery.

The fellow will evaluate the centre’s experience (European centres database)

The fellow’s learning curve will be analysed systematically.


  • Setting: A combined fellowship to work 2x 9 months across 2 high volume Upper GI centres in Europe with expertise in MIO.
  • To perform surgical procedures and learn the clinical pathways.
  • There will be 1 day per week reserved for will research activities.
  • There will be 3 full days in theatre every week.
  • A typical week will offer the fellow 3-8 Upper GI procedures.
  • The fellow will be trained to perform thoracolaparoscopic esophagectomies (1 per day).
  • Benign Uppper GI surgery may be part of the start of the training program (2-3 per day).
  • The procedures the fellow will be trained for include all upper GI surgical procedures: esophagectomy, (re-do) fundoplication, Heller myotomy.
  • The fellow will perform over 80 procedures in this fellowship.

Evaluation and assessment

  • Pre and post fellowship tests
  • Simulator rides
  • Database to evaluate the learning curve


  • ESDE educational committee to govern the fellowship.
  • Medtronic will support the program and fund the yearly  salary fort he fellow.
  • The training centers should present themselves by filling in a form with the required items from the Delphi rounds on Proctor centers.
  • Centers will be selected by ESDE and presented on the website.
  • Fellowship candidates may choose 2 centers and will be allocated to a centre by the ESDE educational committee.
  • Selection will be based on the CV , experience a  reference.




About the Minimally Invasive Upper GI fellowship program
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