Esophageal Complications Consensus Group (ECCG) Meets at the ESDE meeting in Stockholm


The ECCG currently comprises 24 high volume international esophagectomy centers from 14 countries, which has recently produced a publication in Annals of Surgery (PMID 25607756) that for the first time provides a standardized format for documenting complications associated with esophagectomy. In addition to a comprehensive list of individual complications, the ECCG system provides definitions for anastomotic leak, conduit necrosis, chyle leak and recurrent nerve injury as well as critical quality measures that are recommended for inclusion in all esophagectomy data sets. The group reached this consensus over a period of five years utilizing a series of Delphi surveys and six face-to-face meetings typically occurring at meetings of the ESDE or ISDE.

The complications platform has seen significant initial acceptance in national datasets and in international clinical trials. The ECCG has recently completed work on a website which provides information on the group but also contains a database which will be used to beta test the complications platform and quality measures. This is the first web-based international prospective database ever constructed and, in addition to providing a venue for ultimately benchmarking the incidence of complications associated with esophagectomy in high volume centers, it has the potential to establish a framework for future high volume prospective contemporary data collection and clinical trials.

The ECCG met in Stockholm where 19 out of the 24 centers were represented, reviewed the dataset which had been constructed by an ECCG working group in Rotterdam in March 2015, and came to a consensus regarding the production of a protocol for the beta test.

Early accrual at has been excellent, with over 240 patients being entered from 12 international centers in the first month of the opening of the web-based dataset. The trial is scheduled to run through the summer of 2016 with the target of presenting preliminary results at the ISDE meeting in Singapore in September 2016. Ongoing discussions are taking place with the ISDE Executive Committee to ultimately bring the web database under the auspices of an ISDE steering committee.

The ECCG members are very grateful to the ESDE Executive and Organizing Committee for fa
cilitating the group’s meeting in Stockholm.